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Name:Jiangsu Erhuanenvironmental Technology Co.,Ltd
Equipments detail
Equipment: Chemical Industry used dust collector
Equipment Type: Environment Protection Equipment -> Dust Removal
Unit Type: Inclined cartridge dust collector long uselife
Technical Parameters: chemial powders
Post Time: 2018-03-09
Main Features: Against the interception of ultra-fine dust up to 0.3um, the dust removal rate is over 99.9%. Reasonable design: modular design, block type assembly, extremely convenient installation.
Usage: Gas treatment and the treatment of ultra-fine dust which is generated by Shipbuilding, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, non-ferrous metal processing, electronics, metallurgy, food processing, tobacco extract, textile, glass fiber and other industries.
Description: According to the requirement of user, material Q235 or SUS stainless steel can be ed. Customization is available; we can supply the non-standard products according to user’s actual needs. We provide a series of turnkey project including design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales services according to on-site status.
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